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Acura TLX Car Recalls Ron Tonkin Acura near Portland, OR 97225

No one likes finding out their {Make} {Model} is affected by a recall, as it can pose a variety of questions. {Make} {Model} recalls here at Ron Tonkin Acura near Portland, OR 97225 don’t have to cause you stress, as our expertly trained service staff here at Ron Tonkin Acura is ready to handle any type of car recall that may happen over time.

{Make} {Model} recalls occur when the manufacturer determines that a particular model, or several models, has a defect related to safety, or does not comply with the federal safety standard. This manufacturer will alert owners of this particular model to the problem by sending a letter in the mail, and will typically offer a free repair. It’s important to note that just because you receive a car recall for your {Make} {Model} doesn’t mean that your entire vehicle will have to be replaced.

Once you receive a letter in the mail regarding your {Make} {Model} recall, you will be provided more information regarding the defect and what to do next. Not only will you be given a description of the defect, but also an explanation of the risk, hazard, or potential injuries it could cause. You will also be told how the manufacturer intends to fix the problem, and guidelines for the next steps. Usually, these guidelines point you in the direction of calling us here at Ron Tonkin Acura near Portland, OR 97225 to set up an appointment with our Service Department, who will work towards getting you back on the road with peace of mind knowing that your {Make} {Model} is performing how it should.

While a {Make} {Model} recall doesn’t necessarily mean you are in immediate danger, it is best to not take this risk and have your vehicle inspected right away. Since all recall-related fixes should be free of charge, you won’t have to stress about staying on budget or how you’ll afford to pay for this service. Just drop by, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Let us here at Ron Tonkin Acura near Portland, OR 97225 fix whatever car recall you may experience. Bring your {Make} {Model} in to get inspected as soon as you receive your car recall letter in the mail. You can easily make a service appointment right here on our website for a time that fits your schedule best.

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Jim Brown

Since August 1999

I am very proud to say that I have been with the Ron Tonkin Family of Dealerships since 1988 and Acura has been my "home" since 1999. There are many excellent auto groups in the Portland area. However, I chose to work for the Ron Tonkin Family of Dealerships because of the long history in the community- since 1959. Not many others can say that.

I consider myself to be the "Luckiest Guy On Earth!" Why? Well, come to Ron Tonkin Acura and meet the staff--they are wonderful! Each and every day I am amazed at the dedication, friendliness and professionalism of our team. They understand the mission: Take Care of the Client.

Ron Tonkin Acura is very proud to be one of only two Acura dealers in North America to win the coveted "Precision Team, Dealership of Distinction" award, twenty-four times. Thank you to our team for earning Acura's highest honor, time after time.

Away from work I can be found enjoying my family, which includes five children, two grandsons, three dogs, and last but not least - my perfect wife.

Cameron Collins
General Sales Manager

Since October 1998

I started my career as a sales associate with Ron Tonkin Acura in 1998. Next, I was promoted to the finance department, New Car Sales Manager and now I enjoy my role as the General Sales Manager.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. In my spare time I play basketball, golf and cycling.

I look forward to many great years here at Ron Tonkin Acura "The Home of The Happy Motorist!"

Joe Hughey
Sales Manager

Since March 2003

I started with Ron Tonkin Acura in March 2003. I grew up in the Midwest in a rural town with a population of 2000 people where tradition and values run deep. I may be one of the youngest associates here at Acura, but I'm also one of the few with the highest tenure in the sales department. As an employee of the Tonkin Family of Dealerships, I find it a very comfortable and easy fit due to the very strong customer service based atmosphere they created.

I still very much enjoy the feel of small town life and recently purchased a house in North Plains, OR. If you don't find me at home or here at the dealership, I'm more than likely enjoying the outdoors or touring Oregon on my motorcycle.

Diya Shari
Since May 2003
Richard Villastrigo
Finance Specialist

Since July 2008

I began my career with Ron Tonkin Acura in July of 2008. I started as a sales consultant and was promoted to internet sales in 2010.

Prior to working for Ron Tonkin Acura, I worked 13 wonderful years for Nordstrom. I sold in various departments before landing a manager position in womens and mens fragrances. This position taught me how to build relationships with the many of our fragrance vendors and diverse clients, while balancing a steady and consistent sales volume. In 2006, I won Fragrance Counter Manager of the year and in 2007, I won the President's Cup.

The Tonkin Family of Dealerships has the same culture and reputation of Nordstrom. The transition has been one of the easiest, as the clients are our top priority and customer service is #1. I am proud to contribute to the Precision Team award honored to our dealership 22 times. When I'm not at the dealership you will find me enjoying time with my family. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. We enjoy boating and camping in the summer and entertaining family and friends in the winter.

My goal with every client is to give them the best experience and to make them feel like family. I want all my clients to call me if there is every anything they need with their vehicle.

Please contact me if you would like a vehicle consultation!

James Lafleur
Finance Specialist

Since February 1989

I have worked with the Tonkin Family of Dealerships for over 22 years. I started with Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo in Feb of 1989 as a Lot Attendant/Detailer. Over the years, I held various positions at various stores including Ron Tonkin Chevrolet. I have worked at Ron Tonkin Acura for the past 14 years.

It has been a great experience working in various departments and dealing with customers. I try to make each customer's car purchase a fun and stress free experience, as it should be. As a 19 time Precision Team Award dealer, we are always raising the bar to make the customer's experience better each and every time, whether it is through our Service Department or Sales Department. Once you are an Acura customer and experience the Ron Tonkin Acura way, you will be a lifelong customer. Come check us out.

In my spare time, I try to take in the outdoors as much as possible, whether it is enjoying a day out on the water or crabbing at the coast with friends.

Becki Burr
Internet Sales Consultant

Since May 2013

I started working at Ron Tonkin Acura in May of 2013. Prior to working for the Tonkins, I spent twelve years working in the consumer electronics industry. Wow, what a change!! I really enjoy this new journey of my life,as I have always loved working with the public, and the ability to build relationships with my clients.

Outside of work, you will find me enjoying quality time with my husband Marcus and son Elliot. As a family, we really enjoy the ballpark. Whether it's watching my husband play baseball, the both of us playing on our recreational softball teams, or teaching our son to throw a ball. We also enjoy catching a few Hops baseball games, right down the street from our house.

I also have a passion in life for Vintage Airstreams!!! You can find me putting on my "grubbies", and putting in some elbow grease, to polish my 1963 Airstream Safari. I have spent two years restoring this silver Twinkie from top to bottom,inside and out. As a family, we enjoy camping in our airstream with our fellow Oregon Airstream Group members.

Samuel Kim
Sales Consultant

Since May 2002

When I first started at Ron Tonkin I asked my General Manager what the best way was to excel in Sales and in return he gave me some great advice that I use as my mantra, "Treat every client as your family, just be honest and respect them." And that is what I have been doing for 14 years.

Ron Tonkin Acura is the first and only dealership that I have worked for. I have never felt the need to go elsewhere or pursue other jobs because I love the environment and client's interaction that Acura provides. I have now been at Acura for 14 amazing years and I've met many great clients along the way. I've been Salesman of the Year 4 times and Salesman of the Month over 30 times. I always strive to do the best in anything in I do and that applies even more so to making sure that our clients get what they need. I have had experience in other positions such as Finance Manager, Used Car Manager and also Desk Manager but through those various positions, I have come back to Sales, realizing that I am a people person and Sales is the position that I can excel most at.

Finally, Customer loyalty is something that Ron Tonkin and I always prioritize and it reflects in our sales history. I am always here for my clients long after they purchase a car from me, whether it's a problem down the road or helping returning clients with another purchase.

Shawn Freeman
Sales Consultant

Since April 2006

My first experience with Ron Tonkin Acura was as a customer--I purchased a vehicle at the dealership! At that time, I was working for a major competitor. However, my purchase experience at Ron Tonkin Acura was so amazing that I decided to join the team--that was six years ago.

I have been Salesperson of The Month ten times during my tenure at Ron Tonkin Acura. I am also very proud of my dedication to customer satisfaction.

As an Oregon State Beaver, I was fortunate to play on the OSU basketball team during the tenure of the legendary Ralph Miller. Needless to say, but I enjoy playing basketball in my spare time.

Ray Armstrong
Sales Consultant
Gordon Schwartz
Sales Consultant
Tommy Page
Internet Sales Consultant

Since January 2012

I started my career with Ron Tonkin Acura in January 2012. I have since been promoted to Client retention Director where my job is to help carry on a long tradition of exceptional customer service.

In my spare time you'll find me spending time with my wife and three kids, coaching youth sports for my boys, and watching my daughter dance. I enjoy the outdoors and keeping up with my favorite football team, The San Francisco 49ers.

I look forward to working with you here at Ron Tonkin Acura. Home of the happy motorist!

Debby Hilgedick
Anne Pracht
Business Manager

Hi, my name is Anne Pracht, and I am the Business Manager for Ron Tonkin Acura. I have been in the automotive industry since 1979. My career at Ron Tonkin Acura began in 1988, and in that time I have worked in many departments including service, finance, and then to the business office where I was promoted to Business Manager in 2004. I truly love working at this dealership, interacting with associates from all departments to ensure a great experience for clients and staff. Away from the dealership my passion is drag racing - with my husband of thirty-five years. We have a wonderful family that includes two children and their spouses, and four awesome grandchildren that I am very blessed to see all the time. Ron Tonkin Acura is my home away from home.